True Luna: Chasing The White Wolf


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"Please, fuck me,"I said, trying to catch my breath.

"Why so impatient, my little mate?" Logan growled as he placed his hand on my thigh and started lifting my skirt slowly.

It was still too slow for my liking.

"I need you." I moaned.

Logan growled as his hand finally reached my pussy.

"Fuck, you are so wet," he mumbled as he kneeled.

He lifted my skirt higher, and I felt his lips on my butt. He kissed it tenderly as he moved my panties to the side. He spread my legs wider and ran a finger through my folds.

I moaned and squirmed. I needed him. Now.

It's been four years since Emma and Logan marked each other. Life is going great for both of them, but Logan can't get over what Samuel said. He is afraid that someone is after his mate. What will happen when rogues start to attack Alpha Drake's pack? Are those rogues after Emma? What will happen when an unexpected guest shows up at Alpha Logan's pack and tells an interesting story about the White Wolf? Will Emma and Logan manage to overcome the obstacles that are in front of them? Will they stay together or will destiny break them apart?


Tags: Short storyPowerful CouplesLove-TriangleFluffy Marital LifeFatedPowerfulKindLunaAlphaHotPrettyAdultNew AdultWerewolfHappy EndingDark
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EPILOGUE – Powerful and strong

Three years later

Emma POV

“Auntie!” Mason screamed as he ran into my arms.

I smiled and picked him up. I sat him on my lap and kissed his temple.

“Hi, buddy.” I said, smiling brightly.

He was so big already. I couldn't believe that we were celebrating his third birthday. I could have sworn that he was born like a week ago.

“Uncle Logan got me a truck.” he said with his cute baby voice, showing me the truck we bought him as a gift.

He has been obsessed with trucks and cars lately.

“Do you like it?” I asked, looking down at the toy in his...

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Dimitri Varlos is the Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. He is known for being heartless, cruel, merciless; A bloodthirsty killer. Years of not being able to find his fated mate have led him to believe the Moon Goddess, Mother of Wolves, does not intend to gift him with one. Until the night he meets Lily, and his world will change forever.
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"Mate," he whispered again, ignoring me and looking at Charlotte.
I could barely breathe, and all I did was step aside.
Ellis took steps forward to her and slowly cupped Charlotte's crying face with trembling hands. "Hello, mate,"
No, no, no. I silently begged the moon goddess to wake me from this nightmare...
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The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where Is Mommy?..
Calvin Logan Haysbert became a father over a night when someone dropped a newborn pup at his pack entrance stating the pup was the result of his casanova nature. His life turned upside down because of the pup's arrival, his daughter, to be exact.
He got so busy raising his daughter alone as a single father that he didn’t get time to look for the mother of his daughter until she started questioning it.
“Daddy, Where is Mommy?”
Book 3: The Rejected Luna: Daddy, Where is Mommy?
Book 1: Billionaire’s Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies (Completed)
Book 2: My Mate is a Witch (Completed)
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